"Manchester’s answer to Lee Child"

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Now The Killing Starts

Michael Greenhalgh’s head is throbbing.

His stomach has begun to hurt.

He can’t figure out why he’s still standing up. He’s bleeding so much, his body’s so trashed, he knows he should be falling. He should be slumping to the floor.

Three young thugs stand before him but he towers over them all. He can’t see their faces. They’re clear enough but he doesn’t take in detail for their faces must not matter. Since his nightmare began he’s not wanted to admit the ugly faces are for real. It’ll mean the bastards are going to kill him. And that will send him mad. The manimals will have won.

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Now The Killing Starts - Book 1

Bestselling first-in-a-series of energetic movie-style thrillers set in Manchester.

When maverick TV reporter Hunter investigates the brutal killing of a pro-hanging Tory MP he triggers an explosive chain reaction of violence. What are bent cops and senior ministers trying to hide?

Action-packed games of cat-and-mouse in the blizzard-swept North have a devastating impact on two brave women before Hunter discovers the shocking truth driving this nonstop rollercoaster ride of a story.

Paperback edition contains 65 pages of bonus behind-the-scenes photo features:

  1. Making of a Bestseller
  2. Remixed and Re-thought
  3. Making of a Book Cover
  4. Steve Cage interview Part 1: "Working for Gerry Anderson"

Magnum paperback, ISBN 978-0-9565914-2-5, £7.99

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"I've read the new Bond book and I've read this… and this is better"

Pete Cooper, BBC Radio Northampton

To Kill The Queen

Craig Connors stuck his foot on the brake but it was too late. As he shot from the mountain tunnel the road went AWOL to his left while he carried straight on.

To counter it he spun the steering wheel hard but hit a serious skid then heard rubber burn and saw double yellows snake crazying under him. Still the car wouldn’t tango and slewed across the hairpin, screeching blue smoke, towards a cliff.

No chance of correcting now. He smashed through a metal guardrail and headed out to where birds flew. Bits of shit cracked his windshield. Stuff pinged and peeowed as a mile-deep canyon yawned under him.

Car nosedived and Connors saw pines come from nowhere. Ripping through them, he slammed into solid rock. Felt his legs trash as the car crumpled and slid down ass first, breaking up. Engine popped from under its flapping hood. Glass shattered. Fire rolled in. He was being totalled. Stunk himself hamburger-sizzling in his own fat as the fireball ploughed through branches, taking half the Austrian cliff with it. Last thing he saw was a king-size boulder, meteorite-spinning at him CG fast before a mega whiteout topped him.

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To Kill The Queen - Book 2

The Queen is heading north to Manchester on the new Royal Train. Maverick TV reporter Hunter and his partner Vanessa are shooting an exclusive BBC documentary.

Before they can board the train - it disappears. Dark anti-Royalist forces are at work. Skunk politicians and one helluva tough US mercenary are hellbent on committing the ultimate shock crime…

Paperback edition contains 50 pages of bonus behind-the-scenes photo features:

  1. Origins of To Kill The Queen
  2. Hunter's World
  3. Steve Cage interview Part 2: "Cosgrove-Hall to Aliens"

Magnum paperback, ISBN 978-0-9565914-4-9, £7.99

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Hunter Killer Psycho - Book 3

"Hunter made me the cop I am. Now he's made me kill…"

Sinister forces want the Prime Minister dead. Hunter and Vanessa are due to interview him for the BBC, when the annual Tory conference hits Manchester. They must clear it with senior policewoman Tina Strong.

But there's a problem. Tina is sexually obsessed with Hunter and hides a terrifying secret about his past. She wants him, and nothing and nobody will stop her…

Steve Cage does it again. Great characters, trademark twists, turns, and compelling hi-octane action make Book 3 in the exciting new Hunter series bigger, better, bolder than ever.

Lee Child and James Patterson readers have helped make Steve Cage a bestselling sensation. His short chapters, punchy American style, and relentless pace keep you turning pages.

Paperback edition contains 70 pages of bonus behind-the-scenes photo features:

  1. Locations locations locations
  2. Hunter Killer Psycho Locations Gallery - nine double-page photo spreads of real places used in the story
  3. The Time it Takes
  4. Steve Cage interview Part 3: "From Aliens to Advertising"

Magnum paperback, ISBN 978-0-9565914-6-3, £7.99

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